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Salkantay Trek 5 Days /4 Nights



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Mollepata,Soraypampa,Huayracpampa,Chaullay,Sahuayaco Playa ,Santa Teresa ,Hidroeléctrica,Aguas Calientes,Machu Picchu,Ollantaytambo,Cusco

Duration: 5 days - 4 nights


The best alternative route to Machu Picchu is Salkantay trek; Salkantay is the name of the snow mountain (6371m) located in the south of Machu Picchu, and we offer you to enjoy the trail beside this splendid snow mountain where we will see how ecosystems transform rapidly from the variance of environmental factors (sun, water, temperature, soli, etc.). This is a very special trip because at the end we will visit the lost city of the Incas – Machu Picchu.


Max. Altitude

3.900 m.a.s.l.



5 people - 15 Max


Activity Level




Camp/ Hotel

Tour Plan

We will leave Cusco approximately at 5:00a.m. A bus will take us to the town of Mollepata (2900 meters above sea level) where we will arrive approximately at 7:30 in the morning, we will stop for last minute supplies, leg-stretching or to use the restrooms at a local restaurant. We will continue our journey to Sayllapata, our trek starting point.

We will meet with our support staff, who will load the equipment on horses and mules. Around 9:00 a.m., we will begin our hike toward Soraypampa (3850 meters above sea level). During the hike we will have panoramic views of the majestic Salkantay, other mountains covered with snow, and the Valley of Apurimac River. Around 1:00p.m., we will have a Peruvian lunch. After lunch, we will visit Humantay Lake, a marvelous lake in the mountains, (3 hours hike) and we will come back to our campsite where the tents will be ready for you as well as your dinner.

Transfer to Mollepata: 3 hours by transport from Cusco approximately. 

Walking distance: 9 kilometers 6.1 millas.

Walking distance: 3 hours from Mollepata to Soraypampa. 

Climate: cold. 

Maximum altitude: 2.900 meters. 

Minimum altitude: 3.900 meters.

Today, nature will change drastically from dry sceneries to snowy peaks and tropical areas. After a nutritious breakfast, we will start the most difficult part of the trek. We will start the hike around 7:00 in the morning. We will hike to a place called Pampas Salkantay, then go toward the left side of the snowy peaks of Umantay located next to the Apu Salkantay. At midday, we will be on the highest point (4600 meters above sea level).We will appreciate spectacular views of the mountains and the imposing snowy peaks of the Salkantay (6264 meters above sea level) which is known as the second highest point of the Cusco region. Around 1:00 p.m., we will have our lunch, in the area called Huayracmachay. After a trek of approximately 3 hours, we will arrive to our camp in Challway (2920 meters above sea level). Around 7:00p.m., we will recuperate from the trek and eat dinner.

• Walking distance: 18 kilometers 12.3 millas.

• Climate:

• Walking time:
approximately 8 hours. 

• Activities: trekking, sightseeing. 

• Maximum altitude:
3.900 meters. 

Minimum altitude: 2.900 meters.

Around 7:00a.m., we will start our trek. We will walk for about 6 hours toward Playa Sahuayaco and during this period; we will observe a town called Collpabamba, also called the “Forest Cloudy Brow” where waterfalls, fruit-bearing trees, varied flora, and birds can be observed. If we are lucky, we will be able to observe the famous bird called the “Cock of the Rocks”. Here we will have lunch. At 2:00 p.m. a local bus will take us to Santa Teresa Hot Springs, where you will enjoy and relax at the hot pools. You will have dinner and camping there.

Walking distance: 117 kilometers 72.7 millas.

• Climate:
Hot in the day and warm at night. 

Optional excursion: in Hot springs in Santa Teresa, US $10 

• Walking time: approx. 6 hours. 

• Maximum altitude: 2.900 meters. 

• Minimum altitude: 1.550 meters.

After an early breakfast, we will take a local transportation to Lucmabamba (40 minutes ride) to our start hiking point. Once at the Llactapata entrance, you will start an ascent hike towards the ruins of Llactapata. On the way you will observe coffee plantations, beautiful landscapes as well as diverse flora and fauna. After three hours, you will arrive at Llactapata where you will have an amazing view of Machu Picchu. Here you will have time to rest and enjoy the scenery. A descending trail will take you to the Hydroelectric where you will eat lunch. The last park of the trek, an approximately 2 hour’s walk, takes us to Aguas Calientes. Upon arrival, you will be accommodated at the hostel or hotel of your choice (included on this package). You will enjoy dinner at a local restaurant at about 7:00p.m.

• Walking distance: 18 km/12.3 miles 

• Climate: Hot in the day and warm at night. 

Optional excursion: in Zipline in Santa Teresa, US $30 

• walking time: approx. 6 hours. 

Maximum altitude: 2050 meters. 

• Minimum altitude:
1430 meters.

Today, you will start early at around 4:30a.m. And walk up to Machu Picchu. In Machu Picchu, you will have a guided tour for about two hours and after that you will be free to explore the Citadel and take pictures, if you desire, walk up to the Sun Gate or ascent toward the Huayna Picchu Mountain. At 6:45p.m. (Depending on availability), you will be taking a train to Ollantaytambo and from there; a bus will drive you to Cusco.

Distance traveled: Approximately 9 km/6.1 miles 

Transfer to Machu Picchu: 25 minutes from Aguas Calientes. 

Transfer to Cusco: 3 hours by train and bus from Aguas Calientes. 

• Guided Visit to Machu Picchu: 2.5 hours 

• Climate: Hot Tropical. 

• Maximum altitude: 2450 meters. 

Minimum altitude: 2050 meters.


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  • Discover the Majestic Salkantay Mountain
  • End Your Journey at the Mystical Machu Picchu
  • Embark on an Adventure of a Lifetime

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